New car configurators and visualisers vary in their usability and features. Some change the vehicle in real-time as yours select new options, while others don’t change at all. Pagani’s visualiser is a bit different as it goes a bit beyond picking a few options and the trim colour. The company’s visualiser for its Huayra BC Roadster not only shows the build, but it also creates an exciting video of the car, down to the caliper colour.

The Huayra BC Roadster isn’t a car that comes with a tonne of options, though it makes up for it with its exterior colour selection. There are 51 primary colour choices, some of which are the same colour with different finishes, and 18 secondary colours. There are four wheel options, two brake caliper colours (red or black), and one could decide to add a stripe, which there are two colour choices for. Inside, you can pick the leather colour and trim, but nothing else.

Gallery: Pagani Huayra BC Roadster Visualizer

The configurator really shines when you begin playing with the background options. Not only does the background scenery change, which is pleasant, the lighting also changes, giving a representation of what the car would look like under different lighting conditions. It’s a nice feature because lighting can play a massive part in how a car’s exterior colour looks. We’ve all seen cars that make us question if it’s a dark blue or black.

The best part of the visualiser is the video it can create. It looks like B-roll footage showing off the car in detail, with closeups of the paint, wheels, engine, and interior to the spec that’s created. The video then puts the car in motion before stopping for a dramatic pose. This is the closest many will get to the supercar as Pagani will only make 40 examples of the extreme roadster, so there won’t be many that will enjoy the 800-bhp (596-kilowatt) AMG V12.