[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube. - The Ford F-150 Raptor is capable of impressive performance, but we don't usually see owners testing what the truck can do in such an extreme way. After already launching the pickup over a gulley, this owner is back with a ramp to jump even farther. To add some extra excitement, there's a Hummer H1 in the ravine.

In the first run, there are wheels strapped into the bed to add some extra weight to the rear. The Raptor has no problem covering the distance, but the load in the back comes loose, launching a wheel high into the air. The driver is lucky that it doesn't come back down onto the Ford's cab.

There are enough cameras to capture the jump from multiple angles, including covering the action in slow motion. One of the Raptor's interesting features is that its suspension sensors know if the vehicle is off the ground and is able to stiffen the adaptive dampers to make the landing smoother.

For the next run, the wheels are no longer in the bed, which seems like a wise move. This time the Raptor moves so that the pickup is actually flying over the Hummer H1. The Ford goes over the military's vehicle's cargo bed. Judging by the various angles of the stunt, it appears that the F-150 wouldn't have enough air to clear the Hummer's cab.

After completing the jumps, the driver hits the highway to prove that the Raptor is still perfectly functional. Assuming there's no long term damage that's not immediately evident, then the truck performed pretty well. 

The video above skips straight to the action. Earlier in the clip, you can see the Raptor and the Hummer having a tug-of-war and doing donuts in the grass.