For an enthusiast who likes the allure of old cars but is also very excited about the future of electric cars, EV conversions of classic cars sound like a great way to blend both. But what happens when you put an electric motor into the Holy Grail of enthusiast motors - a classic Ferrari? Do you ruin it or do you create something even better than what it was originally?

Well, Robert Llewellyn of the Fully Charged Show drove a 1982 Ferrari 308 GTS that had been converted to run on electricity, and he absolutely loved it. Even the car’s owner (who is interviewed in the video) thinks that it is a considerably better car post-conversion - he explains that since it was an old Ferrari, there were many engine components that were prone to failing, and now it provides a much more care-free ownership experience as an EV.

It apparently handles better too, and with 500 bhp on tap, it is considerably quicker too. Perhaps a bit too quick, as the shop where it was converted restricted power at lower speeds - it apparently gives you more power in steps, as speed builds (they provide a more detailed explanation of how it works in the video).

The motor comes out of a crashed Tesla Model S P85, the 45 kWh battery pack is comprised of LG Chem cells that grant the car a range of up to 150 miles (240 km) driven sedately and you can charge it at up to 7 kW. Its lack of fast charging capability does render its use somewhat limited for longer journeys, but as the owner points out, he’s been using the car a lot more ever since he had it converted.