Earlier this month, Toyota teased the GR Supra Sport Top Edition concept, a coupe with a removable roof. An open-air Supra isn’t impossible as the BMW Z4 is a convertible. However, it has never materialised. Instead, the concept opts for a removable roof instead of a retractable one. We’ve yet to see the car, though new renderings from JONSIBAL on Facebook provide a complete car to gander at and enjoy.  

The real car will require a complete rework of the vehicle to compensate for the loss of rigidity the roof provides. A series of renderings are much easier to produce, and the ones in the gallery below appear to closely match the real concept. The renderings show a Supra with widen front wings/fenders, just like the concept and a black ground effects kit that includes the slide sills, front spoiler, and rear diffuser, Missing from the renderings is the arching spoiler. Instead, it looks like a lip spoiler has been added.

Gallery: Toyota GR Supra Sport Top Edition Renderings

One difference between the renderings and the teased concept is the rear quarter panel, roof, and rear glass. The concept shows the side glass even with the rest of the rear roof, while the renderings show something that appears much more functional and production-ready. However, the concept could be tweaking a lot more of the car, too. The top, a two-piece part designed for easy removal and storage, could be unlatched through a keyfob button. The team also plans to add additional reinforcements underneath the car to help maintain rigidity.

Rumours of a removable-roof Supra date back to before the car went on sale, with speculation swirling about the possibility before the car went on sale. However, such a Supra has never materialised. Toyota has made some changes to the car from 2020 to 2021, and we doubt the automaker is done just yet. Maybe this concept is a preview for something more.