History is literally lying all around us. Britain Lockhart is a diver who takes his historical research to another level—underwater. He scuba dives at historical sites to see what he can retrieve from the watery depths. He also dives into rivers to see what hidden secrets they can reveal. This particular dive took an interesting turn when he found some guns and two motorcycles dumped in the river.

Britain documents his exploration on his YouTube channel, Depths of History. His first finds under one particular bridge were quite mundane: keys, a drill press, a scale, and even a two-way radio. The graffiti all over the bridge's guardrails and bullet holes through nearby signs indicate that this is not an area you want to be caught alone in at night. The camera was rolling as his discoveries got more and more interesting. He and his friend, who was using a strong magnet, found several guns in the water as well, one of which even had its serial number still clearly visible.

The dive took the turn that we're interested in when they found a motorcycle that had been basically stripped to the frame. They managed to haul it out of the water. Then they found a second one, mostly intact, that they couldn't budge. They were going to need help retrieving it, which was when they called the police.

The officer first checked out the guns, of course. They decided to leave the stripped motorcycle where it was, and retrieve the intact one. The officer called in reinforcements, a big rig rotator truck with a crane that could swing over the side of the bridge and winch the bike up. Since Britain was already suited up for diving, he volunteered to go into the water to hook up the winch cable. The bike came up easily.

It appears to be a cruiser of some kind, probably Japanese since it doesn't look like a typical Harley. Britain live-streamed the retrieval, and his viewers thought it was a Honda. The crane operator thinks it could be a Kawasaki as well. What do you think?

The police won't need our help finding out for sure. The bike, though in rough condition, should still have its VIN clearly visible. They'll be able to track down what it is and who it belongs to. This isn't Britain's first time finding a gun that had been tossed in a river, but he sure didn't expect to get involved in a missing or stolen vehicle recovery.