Thanks to a leaked presentation found on, we have a clear look at the future plans for Volkswagen Audi Group. The biggest news is the upcoming arrival of an electric Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan, which will give VAG a greater market segmentation of electric vehicles.

Based on the slide show, we see that an electric Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan will debut in 2022 alongside the retro-inspired VW ID Buzz van. These new models are targeting one of the most important market segments for modern automakers that understand strong SUV sales are required to succeed in the current car market. This high-volume segment is the perfect opportunity for Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche to grow its electric vehicle market share.

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The growing electric vehicle offering from Audi and Porsche is a direct response to increased emissions pressure from new legislation and to atone for the Dieselgate emissions scandal. Although the discovery of cheating diesel engines was a massive blow to the company, it set the future for VAG to pursue electric vehicles more aggressively.

My favourite part of the slide show is found early in the presentation on page 4. This chart shows how modern automakers are setting priorities and will determine the vehicles we can consume. It also shows the future of many automotive-related activities we love like motorsports. We can clearly see that VAG is working hard to satisfy emissions regulations as a priority and then shifting future aspirations to grow their product portfolio.

Based on this same chart, we clearly see that motorsports and internal combustion engines noted as ICE, are in the past and have low priority. This chart is certainly very similar to other automakers as we are seeing one of the industry's greatest paradigm shifts unfold. All resources are now dedicated to producing low emissions drivetrains, and any superfluous cost like motorsports is not part of long-term goals.