The South African vehicle armouring specialist SVI introduces an overhauled Land Cruiser 79 Series that the company calls the Max 3. It transforms the already rugged SUV into a rig that can protect the occupants from a bullet.

The Max 3 certainly doesn't look like a Land Cruiser. There's a massive grille in the front and stacked headlights in the corners. The body lines are chiselled and include lots of hard creases. There are suicide doors for easier entry into the protected cabin. SVI offers the machine in single cab, double cab, or eight-passenger personnel carrier body configurations. It's available in left- or right-hand drive.

Gallery: SVI MAX 3 Toyota Land Cruiser

In stock form, the Max 3 offers B6 ballistic protection, which means that it can withstand a 7.62×51mm NATO round from an assault rifle like the South African military's R1 or an AK47’s 7.62×49 mm bullet. There's 1.5-inch (38-millimetre) thick armoured glass and steel plates for guarding the body.

SVI also offers a version of the Max 3 with B7-grade armour and blast protection. This level means the vehicle can withstand armour-piercing rounds. In South Africa, having a model with this much shielding requires getting special permission from the government, and generally only registered security companies or government agencies can get it.

There's even a full-on military version of the Max 3 that has mounts for a .50-calibre machine gun and mortars.

To carry the armour, SVI upgrades the stock Land Cruiser's suspension, including an additional rear anti-roll bar. A new wheel-and-tyre setup is also part of the package. The Toyota's stock engine and drivetrain power the Max 3.

The Max 3 starts at 1.6 million South African rand (approx £80,000 at current exchange rates). The company can deliver one within three months of receiving an order.