Let's face it, 2020 has been a bizarre year for innumerable reasons. If you're looking for something familiar to grasp onto like an emotional life preserver, then there's good news because Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back for another automotive adventure. The trailer is now available, and the wait to see the whole thing isn't very long because the show debuts on Amazon Prime on December 18.

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt sends the guys to the island of Madagascar on a search for pirate treasure. To go on this adventure, Clarkson has a Bentley Continental GT; Hammond brings a Ford Focus RS; and May drives a Caterham

However, none of these vehicles are anywhere near fit for Madagascar's extremely rugged roads. So naturally, The Grand Tour's huge budget gives the guys the opportunity to heavily modify the machines. Hammond appears to take things the furthest by replacing the Focus RS' wheels with treads. Clarkson converts his Bentley into an overlander with big tyres, a snorkel, and an external roll cage. May gives the Caterham gargantuan rear tyres and spotlights above the windscreen.

Despite the mods, Madagascar's landscape still throws lots of challenges at the guys' machines. There are rocky roads, deep puddles, and at some point apparently even explosions on a beach. We're expecting plenty of opportunities for them to sabotage each other, too.

The trailer suggests that The Grand Tour is returning to the classic recipe of giving the guys a weird mission and then recording things as chaos ensues. After such a weird year, it should be nice to spend some time with Clarkson, Hammond, and May again.