Volkswagen Group allegedly has a flagship electric vehicle codenamed Landjet on the way, and Audi, Bentley, and Porsche are getting versions of it, according to Automotive News Europe. Obviously, the product isn't the earthbound, jet that's in the image above

It's not yet clear what segment of models that these products would fit into. There would allegedly be room for three rows and seven seats, but the original report says this is a Tesla Model S-fighting saloon, rather than the crossover that this layout would usually indicate.

This report also suggests that the Landjet models would come from the automaker's factory in Hannover, Germany. This site is generally for larger, more commercially oriented models like the Volkswagen Transporter van and Amarok pickup. The reason for this choice is that Audi's plants aren't able to handle the project as easily.

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"The Landjet can go into series production quite quickly in Hanover and with less additional effort than in an Audi factory," an unnamed VW Group executive said, according to Automotive News Europe

The Audi variant of the Landjet would reportedly arrive first in 2024. The other brands would get their variants later. Reports suggest the Bentley would come in 2025 or 2026.

The only basic detail about the Landjet is that it can support a battery pack providing a 404-mile (650-kilometre) range.

Ahead of the Landjet's arrival, there are plenty of Audi and Porsche EVs coming. From the Four Rings, there's the E-Tron GT sport saloon (gallery above) and two flavours of Q4 E-Tron, depending on whether customers prefer a boxy body or a more coupe-inspired look.

Porsche has the Taycan Cross Turismo estate coming very soon. Later, the company is also introducing a Macan EV.