The redesigned 2022 Subaru BRZ is set to be fully revealed on November 18th and we can't wait to see this next-generation sports car. Subaru isn’t quite ready to take the wraps off the new BRZ so we’ll have to make do with this artfully edited teaser video in the meantime.

The next-generation BRZ uses a slightly modified version of the current generation BRZ's platform, which will remedy many of the current model’s shortcomings. We expect Subaru to introduce improvements while retaining the current generation BRZ's superb handling characteristics.

The biggest changes are set to take place on the interior and exterior styling and drivetrain. Every car enthusiast on earth wants to know what engine lives under the sculpted bonnet of the camouflaged second-generation BRZ test cars but we’ll need to wait just a little longer to find out.

Many have speculated that Subaru’s new larger 2.4-litre boxer will find its way into the second generation BRZ but that has yet to be confirmed. Subaru offers its 2.4-litre boxer engine in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged configurations and I’m sure many people are hoping for the latter. In the teaser video at the 18-second mark, it sounds like there could be a turbocharger on the new BRZ.

The interior of the new BRZ will surely experience a complete overhaul as car interiors have evolved rapidly since the first generation BRZ’s debut in 2012. We expect to see better integration of technology and a more cohesive design language when compared to the old car’s aftermarket aesthetics. When it comes to the exterior spy shots show a classily beautiful two-door coupe silhouette but the rest remains to be seen during the November 18th release date.

We’re almost ready to take a look and the next-generation BRZ and see where the future of Subaru’s sports car lies. The continuation of this affordable sports car is a win for car enthusiasts everywhere as it’s increasingly harder to find an affordable sports car option.