Woodworking and automobiles may seem like an odd mix, but it’s been the perfect pairing for one YouTuber and artist. The channel, discreetly named Woodworking Art, makes beautiful wooden automobile recreations. However, the artist goes much further than simply carving a car’s shape. His latest, a Ford Ranger Raptor pickup, has a working bonnet and tailgate, working doors, and even a working suspension.

The project starts as a block of wood before he grafts the truck’s silhouette onto it. Slowly he cuts, carves, and chisels the block of wood into the rough-looking outline of a pickup. That’s when he begins to refine its shape, chiseling away thin strips of wood to give it definition. He creates the bonnet and tailgate pieces, carves the details of the engine, and adds headlights and taillights. It takes him no time getting to the truck’s finer details, carefully shaping its busy front end – he even includes the tow hooks.

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The most impressive aspect of the build is the functional suspension. He starts with the front suspension, assembling the control arms, hubs, springs, and steering components. Yup, it turns, too. The rear one is much simpler with just a solid axle, trailing arms, and springs. The chassis also supports the spare tire that hangs underneath the bed and the dual exhaust system that sticks out the back.

The final part of the video shows him putting the Ranger all together. You can see him marrying the chassis and the body, attaching the doors, bonnet, and tailgate, adding chrome trim and clear plastic coverings for the headlights and red coverings for the taillights, and more. There’s no interior, though he carved out the cabin space. His other automotive creations include the Audi Q7, the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and many more, including several Toyota SUVs.