The all-new MG5 EV is just entering the British market as the first all-electric estate. It has a 52.5 kWh battery and a decent range of 214 miles (344) km WLTP.

SAIC's MG is positioning itself as an affordable brand with high value to price ratio, which so far paid off pretty well, as sales are growing substantially.

As we can see in the brief review, the MG5 EV still has some quirks (possibly less than the MG ZS EV - at least the charging port doors are more convenient) and for sure is not on the cutting edge of the technology (for example, the infotainment is so so). In general, it seems like a decent EV with a lot of space.


Here is the input from Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn: 

"The MG5 is not only the first estate to join the electric car market, but it's also very competitively priced. Designed and made in China, this 5 door electric estate is solid, stable and well built.

The interior may be a little dated, and it might not be the most exciting EV, but its impressive range, performance, driving ease and affordable cost show that MG are pitching this to sell to the masses.

Being an estate, it is very spacious and, surprisingly, if you floor it, it will go like the clappers. It has some peculiar quirks but all of these can be overlooked when you consider what you are getting for the price."

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