If you have thirty minutes to spare, then you might want to watch this insightful interview by Top Gear’s Chris Harris who interviews Graeme Cooper, a representative of the UK’s National Grid (the country’s main electricity and gas utility company). The talk goes into all kinds of details about electric vehicles generally speaking and, more importantly, the charging infrastructure that keeps them going.

Harris points out right from the start of the interview that whenever he reviews an electric car, he spends what he believes is too much time talking about the charging network and not enough on the car. This obviously doesn’t happen when he tries out an internal combustion-engined vehicle, because the infrastructure to keep that moving has been in place for a century and is very well established.

But the United Kingdom, like other developed nations, is rapidly increasing the number of available chargers, as the number of electric vehicles (and their proportion of total new car sales) is increasing.

The interview also mentions when and how to charge your EV at home as cheaply and cleanly as possible, the future of induction charging and means to generate green electricity in order to really allow electric cars to be driven with no emissions whatsoever (apart from what is emitted in their manufacturing process).