Lamborghini has popularised the wedge shape in its cars, and it has good reasons for that. While sitting low to the ground, the attention-grabbing form makes Lambos aerodynamic, meaning. They can cut through the air, or in this case, through floods.

Seen on the video embedded above, a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder that cut through deep floods in Florida. According to Newsweek, the sports car was spotted driving through a flooded road near downtown Fort Lauderdale last weekend when Tropical Storm Eta was in full swing in the southeastern state.

On one occasion, the Huracan was almost submerged in water and we can't help but feel bad about the Italian sports car which will surely suffer damage after this ordeal. Of note, a Huracan Spyder retails for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so guess we can say that's pretty penny thrown out the window after this one, most likely will be used for repairs.

Granted, the Huracan's engine is situated at the rear and there's a good chance that it did survive the traverse (the video was cut off), but remember that floodwater isn't supposed to enter your engine bay as it may cause rusting to the metallic parts of the car, needless to say.

Unless, of course, your vehicle is an SUV that's designed to wade through water for recreational purposes. But in this case, the Huracan is far from being that vehicle.

We've seen motorists trying their luck and battling floodwater head-on countless times, but we're here to remind you that it's not going to benefit you in the long run. If you can do so, find a safe spot and wait for the flood to drain down instead. Safety should still be your priority.