The pandemic has put people off car sharing.

Nearly three quarters of drivers have stopped giving lifts to others as a direct consequence of the coronavirus pandemic according to new research from the UK's largest independent car retailer, Motorpoint.

In an online survey of 936 motorists, it was revealed that 72.6 percent of people have stopped sharing a car since March, despite the fact that the government says people can still travel together for work purposes, provided the right precautions are taken – such as wearing face masks and opening windows.


"The results of our recent poll are clearly understandable given COVID-19 and definitely reflect the desire by people to maintain social distancing at all times when outside of their home," said Mark Carpenter, chief executive officer of Motorpoint. "Where there is a need to offer someone a lift, for instance for work, we would always recommend that everyone adhere to the Government’s recommendations to ensure that everyone concerned stays safe and secure at all times."

Motorbase is keeping its business going, despite the pandemic, with customers able to choose from over 5,000 low mileage, nearly new cars and light commercial vehicles from more than 30 different manufacturers, test drive them on their own, and contactless collections and home deliveries.