Owning one of 63 Lamborghini Sian’s is a privilege many of us will never experience, but watching the build process is an exciting prospect regardless of your net worth. In today’s video, we see YouTuber Yanni and Yannimize accompany his friend on a trip to the Lamborghini factory in Bologna Italy to see his Lamborghini Sian mid-build.

The Lamborghini Sian is based on a heavily revised version of the familiar Aventador chassis and includes a unique hybrid drivetrain among other improvements. Lamborghini’s Sian hypercar is meant to usher in a new era for the Lamborghini V12 engine and now features hybrid assistance to optimise performance.

Instead of using traditional batteries, the Sian uses one massive Supercapacitor to power the electric portion of the drivetrain. The electric motor is housed in the Sian’s transmission and can power this unique Lamborghini on electric power alone or work to optimise the V12’s performance during spirited driving. A supercapacitor has a massive advantage over batteries when it comes to quickly capture a short burst of power and Lamborghini plans to use this along with less weight to their advantage in the Sian.

Although the Sian’s electric motor only provides 34 bhp, which may not seem like a lot, this power is used to smooth out shifts while the 775 bhp V12 screams through the revs. Total power output for the Sian is an impressive 805 bhp and represents one of the most powerful Lamborghinis ever built.

The Sian is a clear indication of where the future of Lamborghini is heading. Using advanced technology like the Sian’s hybrid system Lamborghini can optimise the use of the legendary engines that helped build the brand into what it is today. We look forward to seeing future iterations of this technology to provide even more impressive Lamborghinis.