The first example of Briggs Automotive Company's (BAC) Mono R has been delivered to a European customer, finished in one of the most unusual liveries every done by the Liverpool-based company.

The car's look is inspired by the PlayStation game 'WipEout', with a combination of classic FEISAR blue with yellow and white over 400 complex painted graphics which required intricate masking an more than 10 days of work to complete.

First BAC Mono R #1 given outrageous 'Wipeout' livery

To get the unique design spot on, BAC held meetings with modern WipEout graphic designer Eddie Wainwright and original WipEout game creator and designer Nick Burcombe – he initially came up with the idea for the game at a pub in Merseyside, and led the design at the former Psygnosis game studios just a few miles away from BAC's current Speke base.

"When playing WipEout on the PlayStation, I often dreamt of one day being able to fly around different race tracks for real in my own FEISAR ship," said the unnamed owner of the first new Mono R. "It’s not quite anti-gravity racing… but the frankly outrageous Mono R gives me the exact same sensation. It’s a true feat of engineering, technology and design – and with the way it looks, it certainly wouldn’t be out of place in any WipEout game!"

First BAC Mono R #1 given outrageous 'Wipeout' livery

Just 30 turbocharged Mono Rs are being produced, with each open to complete customisation from their owners.

"Mono R is a very special supercar – a record-breaking, bar-setting, super-exclusive model the likes of which the world has never seen before," said Ian Briggs, co-founder and design director at BAC. "It’s only fitting, then, that the first car to leave the BAC factory is one of the most special we’ve ever produced.

"As always, the BAC design team left no stone unturned when it came to creating the perfect livery and it was a true pleasure working with Nick and Eddie bringing their genius to life.

"We’re no strangers to turning heads with our supercars, but R #1 may just turn more heads than ever."

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