Subaru and Toyota are currently working on the next-generation versions of their shared sports car. A video of a camouflaged Toyota GT86 appeared back in August while Subaru is already teasing the new BRZ that it’s set to reveal on November 18. However, the BRZ won’t be the global model it once was.

A Subaru spokesperson told Autocar that the company has “no plans” to bring the two-door to Europe and that it’ll be US-only. We don’t know if Toyota will do the same for the GT86.

Despite the new Subaru’s imminent debut, we know little about the car. An Instagram post last month provided a glimpse of a camouflaged prototype, showing that the automaker isn’t ready to rewrite the car’s overall design. We expect an evolution of the car’s styling with revised front and rear fascias, revised lighting elements, and other exterior changes. There should be a substantial update inside, too, as the car moves from its Subaru underpinnings to the Corolla platform and Toyota’s TNGA architecture.

Both cars will have a Subaru boxer engine for motivation, though we don’t know specifics. Rumours have suggested a naturally aspirated 2.4-litre making 217 bhp could be the mill of choice, though there are other rumours of a turbocharged engine making as much as 252 bhp, which would be a welcomed increase over the current car’s 205 bhp. We expect the BRZ and the 86 to offer both manual and automatic gearboxes.

We’ll know much more about the new BRZ in a few weeks at the revel, which should go on sale sometime next year. The car we’ll get will be a bit longer and wider, improving cabin space, and a bit heavier, though a bump in power could counter that. However, we don’t expect a roomy rear seat. There should be an improvement with interior materials and quality, as well.