Are you ready for a new Subaru BRZ? We've known the sports car was getting a full makeover for some time now, and a debut was imminent. Now we have an exact date for the debut – 18 November – and thanks to a new teaser video from Subaru, we also have a bit more in the way of sounds and visuals to whet our appetite even further.

As far as teasers go, there's precious little to see. We're given fleeting glimpses of wheels spinning, and a quick pan down the side of the car that shows the sculpting behind the front wheel arch. Of course, we've already seen both in Subaru's previous teaser, but the video gives motion to it all while adding a throaty soundtrack. The video wraps up with a very distant shot of a BRZ driving down a mountain road, far enough out to where you can't remotely see details. Still, it didn't stop Subaru from actually using a blocky, zoomed-in shot for its social media channels.


We saw a camouflaged BRZ prototype back in early October courtesy of an Instagram post, followed shortly thereafter by Subaru's official teaser. Information on the next-gen BRZ has been kept under wraps with precious few leaks to report, though we know its exterior styling doesn't rewrite the BRZ book. That leads us to believe this could be more of a refresh, but Subaru has said the next BRZ is a new model. Whether that really means all new or just new-ish for 2022 remains to be seen.

As for what's under the skin, the soundtrack in the new teaser all but confirms Subaru's boxer four-pot will return, and an absence of any whistling noises suggest it will be the naturally aspirated 2.4-litre engine. We've heard it could develop 217 bhp (160 kilowatts), which would be a minor improvement from the outgoing 205-bhp (151 kW) version. The BRZ will still be connected with the Toyota GT86, and both cars should offer a choice of a manual or automatic transmission.

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As for the rest of the BRZ's new story, those answers will be revealed in a global debut on November 18, just two weeks away as of this post. We will feature the debut right here at when it happens.