Style always makes a difference. It applies to cars that you fall in love with visually before any driving impression, but it applies more generally to every object – physical or immaterial – created by human ingenuity.

Starting from this assumption, and parent company Motorsport Network have started a collaboration with a company that has realized for us something that we will present online today, at 11 AM Eastern.

We are waiting for you here on our website (you can find the video player at the top of the page), but also on the social channels of Facebook and YouTube to follow and comment live the reveal of this news that we dedicate to all of you.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that during the streaming we’ll be able to feast our eyes on some beauties that have made the history of motoring. The credit, of course, is their iconic design which has transformed them into timeless objects. Of style, in fact.