Lumma Design is ready to make the Mercedes-Benz G-Class look a lot more threatening with its new CLR G770 R. Prices for the kit start at €12,700 (£11,500 at current exchange rates).

The body kit overhauls the design of the front and rear. At the nose, a new fascia features an egg-crate-style grille in three sections and tiny LED light strips. The grille has a matching style of mesh and a red accent piece around the lower edges. Four sets of lights are on the roof for even more illumination.

Gallery: Lumma CLR G770 R (2021)

A huge scoop is now on the bonnet, and there are three inlets along each side of it. The ostentatious design could be a little too much for folks who prefer to keep a low profile.

Along the profile of this pumped-up G-Class, there are wider wings/fenders that measure 35 millimetres (1.38 inches) on each side. There's also new trim for the lower edges of the doors, and an orange strip runs along the body.

The new rear bumper has big mesh sections on each side. The spare tyre carrier wears Lumma branding.

By itself, the CLR G770 R is already eye-catching, but Lumma takes things further by offering some massive wheels as an extra option. The company's CLR 24 RS units measure a hefty 24 inches in diameter and feature a complex spoke design that makes them interesting to look at.

Lumma Design also offers an aftermarket exhaust for the G63. It features two flap-controlled silencers that send the exhaust gases to three outlets on each side of the vehicle. Buyers can select a black or chrome-plated finish for the tailpipes.