A fascinating spy video might provide our first glimpse at Ferrari's next hypercar. Although right now, it just looks a lot like a camouflaged LaFerrari Aperta with body modifications.

In comparison to the Aperta and even the standard LaFerrari, this vehicle wears a different front fascia. There's a large central opening and uprights near the corners to create an additional pair of inlets. There are also no vents in the bonnet of this vehicle.

There's also a smaller intake along the side of the body. On the LaFerrari models, this opening is larger and has a more angular shape.

At the back, the shape of the rear window is different by not coming to as steep of a point as on the LaFerrari variants. Ferrari also modifies the rear bumper to remove the upright that attaches the boot lid to the lower section.

Another change is that the wheels on this vehicle have five lug nuts. In comparison, the LaFerrari uses a centre-lock design.

According to the uploader of this spy video, the purple triangle denotes that this vehicle packs a hybrid powertrain. Just from looking at the body, it's clear that there's a mid-mounted engine. The clip doesn't provide a good opportunity to hear the powerplant to even make a guess at the layout. Going by past Ferrari hypercars, a V12 seems likely.

In late 2019, Ferrari Chief Marketing Officer Enrico Galliera confirmed that the new hypercar was already under development. He said it would arrive after 2022. Judging by this spy video, the company isn't ready to give the motoring public a glimpse of what the team is working on quite yet.