London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) announced the start of production of its new plug-in van, the LEVC VN5, at its plant in Ansty, Coventry, UK.

The range-extended van (a series-hybrid setup with plug-in capability, similar to LEVC TX taxi) has about 60.9 miles (98 km) of WLTP all-electric range (122 km / 75.8 miles under WLTP City), using its 31 kWh battery. The total range is 303.9 miles (489 km).

Initially, only the right-hand-drive version is produced for the British market, while the LHD version for other countries in Europe will enter production in March 2021. The first deliveries are expected before the end of this year.

LEVC VN5 production start

The company, which is part of Geely group, expects that by 2020, VN5 will account for 70% of its sales volume.

Both, the TX and VN5 have lightweight aluminium construction, which reduces weight and eliminates the rust problem:

"Both TX and VN5 start their journey in the bodystructure area of the factory as over 400 individual pieces of aluminium. This ‘clean air’ environment houses 5 hot cure robots that apply bonding adhesive to the aluminium and 4 hot cure ovens that bake the body structures for 185 degrees for 55-60 minutes. This technology creates a body which is 3-4 times stiffer than a welded body."

Gallery: LEVC VN5

LEVC VN5 light commercial van specs:

  • all-electric WLTP range of 60.9 miles (98 km)
    WLTP City EV range of up to 76 miles (122 km)
  • total WLTP range of 303.9 miles (489 km)
  • probably the same 31 kWh battery as in LEVC TX
  • payload of 830 kg and 5.5 m3 load space, enough for two Euro sized pallets
  • turning circle of 10.1 m
  • rear-wheel drive
  • series hybrid configuration
  • probably the same 120 kW electric motor (GKN Driveline eAxle)
  • DC fast charging capability in around 30 minutes at up to 50 kW (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2 inlets)
  • AC charging at 11 kW (3-phase) with 22 kW (3-phase) option
  • based on the eCity range-extender technology
  • warranty
    • five year/150,000 mile vehicle warranty and a battery warranty of eight years/150,000 miles
    • option: an extended warranty of six years/200,000 miles for the vehicle and eight years/200,000 miles for the battery

For comparison, the TX can go in all-electric mode up to 101 km (63 miles).

LEVC TX Taxi/TX Shuttle specs:

  • 31 kWh battery
  • WLTP all-electric range of 63 miles (101 km) and 510 km (317 miles) total
    Previous range stats: up to 80 miles (129 km) of range, before the ICE will be required to power the generator. Total range is 377 miles (607 km)
  • 120 kW electric motor (GKN Driveline eAxle) for rear-wheel drive (series-hybrid configuration). Similar to Volvo T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid models (both Volvo and LEVC are owned by Geely)
  • fast charging capability: both CHAdeMO and CCS Combo