Vauxhall has launched a new eye-catching creative campaign aimed at ramping up excitement around electric cars amid the launch of the brand's first EV, the Corsa-e.

Electric vehicle sales might be climbing, but there's still apprehension around the adoption of EV.

"To celebrate the launch of the Corsa-e we wanted to show that electric vehicles can do all the things ICE vehicles can, in the same number of varied scenarios," said Peter Hope, marketing director at Vauxhall. "It’s been fantastic to collaborate with such exciting and diverse British talent to help us get more people talking about zero-emissions vehicles."

Vauxhall drafts up-and-coming illustrators to promote the Corsa-e.

The new campaign aims to get rid of that EV stigma, with artists being commissioned to create an illustrated world that showcases the wide range of places that the Corsa-e can be used.

In each illustrated world, the Corsa-e takes centre stage, showcasing the car in a range of different scenarios, each telling a unique story.

Artist Kyle Platts, known for his 'Vibe Consultant' comic strip in the Guardian, produced a piece called 'All Good Signs' for the campaign.

"My contribution was inspired by my own love for driving around the UK on summer road trips," he said. "I wanted to celebrate the exploration of the countryside and all the visual stimulus that it brings, from rolling landscapes to road sign iconography."

Seb Underhill, creative director at Creative Communications agency, 33Seconds, added: "Our goal with this campaign was to break the mould of traditional electric vehicle marketing, providing Vauxhall with an array of incredible, visually arresting images that embody the Corsa-e's 'Switch It Up' tagline.

"The campaign allowed us to tell an authentic story about the car, through the unique perspective of some of the UK's most exciting creative talent."