No, you’re not watching the latest spy movie about a double agent seeking revenge for a lifetime of suffering. Instead, you’re seeing a typical unboxing video for a £4.5 million Bugatti Divo Hypercar, because when you spend this much money on a car, a pro-level film crew is a minuscule cost. So, here’s what happens when your Bugatti Divo arrives at the dealership for you to take delivery.

This particular Bugatti Divo arrived at Miller Motor Cars in Greenwich Connecticut where the ultra-wealthy of America’s North East gather to drop millions of dollars on exclusive hypercars. The Bugatti Divo featured in this particular video is unique matte blue exposed carbon fibre example of the Divo, which is why it needs to make such a dramatic entry.

The Bugatti Divo is based on the Chiron hypercar and chooses handling over top speed when compared to Bugatti’s other creations. The Bugatti Divo was built for customers who wanted a car focused on handling finesse and driver engagement. The Divo featured a massive rear wing which generates 198 lbs of downforce while also working to lower the top speed to 236 mph.

Although the top speed is lower when compared to other Bugatti models, the Divo doesn’t waste its time chasing numbers you cannot even experience on the street and for that we are thankful. Bugatti products have always been focused on delivering the highest numbers when it comes to production cars so to see a product that can transcend its usual value proposition is an exciting turn of events. We look forward to seeing more focused Bugatti products as time goes on and their engineering team and find small optimisations to create unique products to cater to the ultra-wealthy car collector who has just about everything.