In 2016, Koenigsegg showcased its first production Agera RS for its European customer. Named the Agera RS Naraya, the owner specced the supercar with a high-level of customisation, including a blue-tinted clear-carbon finish, with 18-karat gold leaf highlights on both the exterior and interior of the car.

This year, one of the 80 Regera units was delivered to a YouTuber named Zach Lewis – a one-of-a-kind Koenigsegg Regera that's supposedly inspired by the Agera RS Naraya. Lewis took three years waiting for the custom Regera, which also came with exposed carbon in a blue hue and lined with 24-karat gold.

Gallery: Koenigsegg Agera RS Naraya

And, for the first time as caught in the video embedded on top, these two special supercars meet. Priced at around $5-million (approx. £3.9-million) each, this union counts as one of the most expensive and most exotic two-car meetups we've seen so far, with power outputs reaching almost 3,000 bhp.

As seen in the video, the Lewis' Regera has a bit of a lighter shade than the Agera RS Naraya. The Regera also comes with crushed diamonds in the lacquer used, giving it a different shine than the Naraya. 

Inside, both Koenigseggs are quite similar, with the continuation of blue tint on the Alcantara, the exposed carbon fibre finish, and the gold trimmings. The video above was quite short and we can't help but wish for a longer time between the two. Like maybe a track day?

Nevertheless, the rarity of these cars is enough reason for us mere mortals to be elated. It's not always that these Koenigsegg unicorns will be at the same place at the same time, so guess that's worth something.