When Bugatti introduced the track-only Bolide recently, the 40+ image gallery consisted exclusively of renderings. That probably got a few people to think the car doesn’t actually exist in real life, but we know better. Prior to the world premiere, we managed to obtain some juicy spy shots of the W16 monster around a race track. Now, YouTube star Shmee has managed to get up close and personal with the ultimate expression of the Chiron.

Say what you will about Bugatti milking the Chiron platform for all it’s worth, but the folks from Molsheim sure know how to make a sensational car. It only took VW Group’s flagship brand about eight months to unlock the full potential of their hypercar to show off the “absolute pinnacle in terms of combustion engines."

Gallery: Bugatti Bolide

The video is a good opportunity to have a better look inside where the cabin has been pretty much bathed in carbon fibre. It’s a race car through and through, stripped of any comfort creatures that would add unnecessary weight. We get to discover the Bolide has a digital rearview camera and that it also ditches the traditional side mirrors for a pair of cameras, likely to improve the body’s aerodynamic efficiency.

The best part of Shmee’s video is towards the end when we get to hear the thunderous roar of the W16 8.0-litre quad-turbo engine. Without having to comply with regulations applicable to road-legal cars, the soundtrack delivered through the quad exhaust can be as loud as Bugatti wants it to be. It sounds absolutely epic and fitting for the Bolide’s jaw-dropping technical specifications.

Bugatti hasn’t decided whether it will sell the track beast to customers, but if it will, the price tag is going to be colossal. The La Voiture Noire was rumoured to cost nearly £14 million, and logic tells us the Bolide would be even more expensive. Even if our assumption is incorrect, we are likely easily looking at an eight-figure price tag.

With Bugatti setting the bar even higher for ultra-exclusive Chiron derivatives, we’re anxious to see whether it will find a way to top the Bolide. We are frankly still surprised an open-top version of the W16 hypercar hasn’t been launched yet as a follow-up to the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.