Most Tesla owners and fans could tell you the results of a Tesla Performance model acceleration showdown even before the cars arrive. If you don't own a Tesla or are unfamiliar, just look at Tesla's website for the numbers. However, the real-world is often different from what's on paper.

According to Tesla, the Model S Performance is the clear leader when it comes to acceleration. In fact, it sits at the top of the list of all production cars in terms of acceleration, at an automaker-reported 2.3 seconds, though we've seen it beat that time. 

The larger Model X Performance crossover is no slouch, coming in close behind its flagship sibling, with a 2.6-second zero-to-60-mph time. The Tesla Model 3 Performance completes the run in just 3.1 seconds, according to Tesla. And finally, the new turtle in the family, the Model Y Performance takes an extensive 3.5 seconds to hit 60 mph.

Keep in mind, these Performance models are at the top of Tesla's range, and they all come standard with all-wheel drive. While its Standard and Long Range models aren't quite as quick, their acceleration blows away nearly all the competition.

With any of these races, there are always variables that impact the results. In addition, YouTube channel nextmove isn't just racing them to 60 mph, but instead, over a quarter-mile run. Will it make a difference? Place your bets before watching the video, then check it out to see the results.