What’s there to say? Here’s yet another example of why you shouldn’t do stupid things in cars on public roads. Bad things happen, and this driver got a double dose of Reality and Karma that’ll leave a sizeable scar on his ego. The video is short, but it shows everything – a yellow Ferrari 812 Superfast getting loose on a London bridge before crashing into the curb and guardrail. What’s most frightening is seeing the driver miss one cyclist.

The video starts with the Ferrari driving alongside one of several cyclists before coming to a stoplight. A series of beeps are heard before the Superfast turns onto Lambeth Bridge in Central London, passing another cyclist before laying into the accelerator. But as the Superfast’s 789-bhp (588-kilowatt) V12 engine revs, the car approaching a person on an electric scooter, the rear tyres begin to break loose. The driver tries to correct, but a swift jab of the steering wheel has the Ferrari’s back end sliding around.

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This tosses the car into the other lane, narrowly missing an oncoming cyclist before colliding with the curb and guardrail. Luckily, according to The Sun, neither the driver nor the cyclist was injured, though the crash caused Ferrari’s airbags to deploy. The windscreen also appears to have been damaged. The video ends with the driver removing the camera from his head and tossing it into the passenger’s seat before unbuckling his seat belt.

According to The Sun, police are investigating the incident; however, no one has been identified as the driver. It’s upsetting to see a Ferrari crash like this, though we’re thankful no one was killed or injured. Things could have gone much differently if the driver had lost control of the car sooner. You’d think someone who could afford a Ferrari could also afford to keep those antics on the race track.