Hollywood movies have portrayed police chases as exciting, dramatic, and a bit romanticised in a thrill-seeker sort-of way. Sometimes it takes a video like this to snap us back to reality, which in this instance is actually a bit boring despite speeds reaching close to 150 mph. The reality is that, unlike most chases you see on the big screen, the law usually wins in the end.

This clip comes from Verkeerspolitie Den Haag on YouTube, which translates to traffic police for The Hague. As such, the chase occurred on the A4 Autobahn in the Netherlands near the famous city, and the footage is from the dash cam of a pursuing police car. The incident occurred when police spotted a seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI driving strangely. A traffic stop was initiated, but as the GTI slowed at an exit ramp the driver floored it and jumped back onto the motorway. That was mistake number one.

Mistake number two occurred at the same time, as the exit road actually ran parallel to the motorway and eventually reconnected. As such, the pursuing officers had a clear shot to stick with the escaping VeeDub. Thankfully, the chase occurred in the early morning hours and the roadways had very light traffic, a fact that drivers in both vehicles took full advantage of. The GTI certainly puts distance on the police car but never disappears from sight, and at the 1:20 mark of the video we see a speed of 240 km/h on the camera readout. That's 149.13 mph, which definitely qualifies as a high-speed pursuit.

Mistake number three, however, was the perps thinking they could outrun a radio. As the chase transitions from the motorway to side roads, the fleeing GTI does disappear into the night – until the police car rounds a corner at which point we see flashing reds and blues in the distance. Coordinating with officers from other districts, a roadblock was set and the driver was stopped without incident.

Ultimately, the GTI driver was booked for not having a driver's license and major speeding offenses. A large amount of cash was reportedly in the car as well, so it's possible some other shenanigans were afoot. In any case, the baddies most definitely did not outsmart the law in a late-night run for freedom.