Borat, the fictional character played by British actor Sacha Baron Choen, is known around the world for the awkward situations he puts himself in, embarrassing both himself and anybody within a 10 mile radius. The original movie came out in 2006 and it ended up being too successful for it not to have a sequel - Borat 2 - which was released last week and rated favourably by viewers and critics alike.

Well, in order to get the word out that Borat is back, the character made several appearances, one of which was in one of YouTuber David Dobrik’s videos. In the video, Cohen drives into one of Dobrik’s friends’ yards in a mail truck and smashes it right into the open door of a parked white Tesla Model X.

No, it wasn’t one of the Model X’s falcon wing doors, but its left front door instead. It probably isn’t as expensive to fix as the former, but the repair bill will still sting. However, since the channel is very popular, the repair bill won’t really matter, and for the creator it will undeniably have been worth it for the sheer entertainment value alone - if you scroll down to the comments on the YouTube page, everyone is saying positive things and the fact that the video gave them joy.

Was it worth a destroyed Model X front door? Would it have been as funny a video had Borat not crashed into the door? Well, we’ll leave that for you to answer after watching the (actually quite amusing) video.