With all the road rage videos popping up online, many captured by Tesla's standard built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) system, it's often difficult to determine what the events were leading up to the incident. In some rare cases, the video tells all. In other cases, there are key parts missing, and in still other cases, the video uploader "explains" the situation.

With that said, we can't often rely on these videos for the full story, and it's not really fair to assume. However, people on both sides can definitely learn from many of the TeslaCam and Sentry Mode videos we share, and sometimes, the videos help the authorities and insurance companies.

In this recent road rage video, the Tesla Model 3 driver says four cars were totalled, and the BMW driver experienced "instant Karma" as justice was served. It doesn't appear the cars were totalled, but who knows. There's also a lot of "hype" in the video in the from of text on the screen, but it doesn't take away from the footage that's shown. The Tesla driver explains:

"What this footage doesn't show, is the BMW driver at first opened his car door, stepped out of his car, then tried to egg me on so I'd get out of my car and have a fistfight with him at the red light. When I ignored that attempt is when this footage starts. With him spitting on, and chucking a quarter at my car. All this because I honked at him when I noticed he was getting close to rear-ending my car."

Of course, we can think whatever we want about his comments and the part of the incident that isn't shown. However, we can also watch the video to see what is shown. The whole exchange is interesting and quite sad, to say the least. Hopefully, people who watch this type of content will learn from it.

There are dangerous people on the road who can't control their tempers, so purposely trying to get them wound up is a very bad idea. In addition, if you can't get yourself in check when someone on the road upsets you, you could end up wrecking your car and other cars, hurting people, and going to jail. Make smart choices folks, it's the right thing to do.