According to Bentley, it seems like their vehicles are starting to appeal to a much wider range of discerning buyers. For a luxury manufacturer that's been around since 1921, you'd expect wood to be the go-to material, but these new buyers with deep pockets mean a myriad of tastes that range from traditional to modern, prompting Bentley to offer a wide array of interior finishes to suit buyer's personalities.

These recent additions allow customers to go crazy, with the British luxury brand now offering more painted veneers, open-pore wood, stone, and more technical finishes (read: carbon fibre) than ever before. 

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Bentley's wood applications have been industry-leading, ethically sourcing the wood and honing the material with precision and skill that is said to rival those of the finest cabinet makers. For example, the Continental GT is available with seven wood variants, with a single or dual finish. The dual finish can also be a combination of two wood species through an optional Bentley Mulliner Extended Veneer package.

The Mulliner Personal Commissioning programme now offers slate and quartzite stones from quarries that are hand-picked from India. These are shaped and hand-finished by Bentley, feature an open-pore finish, and are just 0.1mm thick. There are four different colours available to complement interiors: Autumn White, Galaxy, Copper, and Terra Red. Additionally, customers may also wish to opt for a dual finish for the stone veneer. 

Paino painted veneers are the next option, offering colour matching to any of the 88 exterior Bentley shades, and even eight interior hide colours, such as Beluga, Burnt Oak, Cricket Ball, Cumbrian Green, Damson, Imperial Blue, and Linen or Porpoise. These offer a flawless surface finish that's mirror-like thanks to a final polish using lamb's wool. 

For those who don't like the glossy look of full lacquer, an open-pore veneer is available and is only finished with a very thin layer of matt lacquer for protection. Liquid Amber, Dark Burr Walnut, and Tamo Ash veneers are all available in an open-pore finish, with each later applied by hand and sanded between applications, ensuring the lacquer sticks to the grooves of the wood. This allows customers to feel the wood's texture, and the variations in open-pore veneer mean that each application is unique. 

Lastly, technical finishes come in the form of carbon fibre for that sporty aesthetic. High-gloss carbon fibre replaces all the veneer panels and has a weave that is highlighted by an enhanced 3D appearance that's seamlessly geometric throughout the cabin.