Ferrari has pledged to do everything it can to keep the naturally aspirated V12 engine by upgrading it to comply with stricter emissions regulations. However, even the talented folks from Maranello have to take radical measures to adapt to more stringent laws, especially in the European Union where regulators are targeting lower and lower CO2 levels. 

The Prancing Horse needs to cut down on its CO2 footprint, and there’s no other way to do it than by embracing electrification. The LaFerrari introduced in 2013 allowed the company to dip its toes into hybrids, with the latest and most advanced powertrain being the SF90 Stradale with four fewer cylinders. Ferrari will cut two more cylinders with its V6 hybrid that spies have been spotted repeatedly testing around the firm’s headquarters.

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Case in point, a test mule looking like a 488 GTB has been caught in action at the Ferrari-owned Fiorano race track in Italy. It certainly doesn’t sound like a V8, let alone a V12, but it’s still quite alluring for “only” a V6. Other rivals are following the same path, including Aston Martin with the Valhalla, McLaren with its 570S replacement, and quite possibly Lotus with the Esprit revival.

Adding electrification into the mix, we won’t be too surprised if the new V6 Ferrari will pack an all-wheel-drive system like the aforementioned Stradale. Regardless of where the power goes, the car certainly looks quick, especially as it exists the corners. If you have the patience to watch the full eight-minute video, the prototype does a few powerslides and handling tests.

Originally announced in September 2018, the V6 hybrid will arrive before the end of 2022. Seeing as how Ferrari is still using test mules without the production body, it’s likely a sign an official premiere won’t be happening anytime soon. When it does arrive, don’t expect the “Dino” name as the company previously said it won’t be brought back anytime soon.