Some automakers have fewer models in their portfolios than Porsche has 911 versions, and it looks like a new derivative could be in the works. A rather mysterious prototype of the 992-gen sports car was caught by Nürburgring resident statesidesupercars this week testing while looking a bit odd due to the wheel arch flares. The sound it makes suggests it’s turbocharged, while the lack of side scoops indicates this isn’t a Turbo version.

We could be looking at a Carrera / Carrera S, but what puzzles us the most is the increased ride height. Porsche’s engineers must’ve done something to the suspension since we can easily see the ground clearance is more generous compared to other 911 models. We could speculate the folks from Zuffenhausen are plotting a Safari-like version, but we haven’t heard any details about a lifted 911.

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Porsche could simply be testing a suspension setup for a future version of its iconic sports car, although we can dream about a modern interpretation of the 1989 Panamericana concept. If you want a 911 with some mild off-road chops, the tuners at Gemballa are cooking up an Avalanche 4x4 based on the 992-gen model. Separately, Uwe Gemballa’s son has set up his own company - Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH – and has teased a 959-esque 911 off-road project.

It would be great for Porsche to have its own lifted 911, perhaps a Dakar-style derivative, since the company has the heritage to back up what might seem like a controversial move. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company built rally-spec 911s to compete in gruelling competitions such as the East African Safari Rally and the Paris-Dakar. A Baja-worthy 911 would be a great idea, especially since many 911 owners have lately taken an interest in adding off-road bits to their sports cars.

The adjacent video is full of other prototypes, including the new BMW M3 Saloon, Audi RS3 Saloon, along with the next-gen Range Rover and the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series, just to name a few. Speaking of which, the new Black might have taken down the Nürburgring lap record for a street-legal production car.