UPDATE: YouTube video embedded above removed from YouTube - MG (part of SAIC), which now offers three plug-in models in the UK - MG ZS EV, MG5 EV and MG HS Plug-in - has released a pretty neat advert about its EVs.

It shows an electric car "for everyone" (read as affordable) as the right solution for a new era, in which the conventional internal combustion engine cars are considered as dinosaurs.

We can still find many of those dinosaurs running around, but let's be honest... they will not survive.

It's A New Era | Electric for Everyone | Our New Electric & Plug-In Cars | MG

As EVs are becoming more affordable and present in a growing number of segments, gradually we will all switch to them - some directly to BEVs, other through PHEVs, and the most reluctant will need a while in HEVs to catch on maybe.

"It’s a new era – the future’s electric, make the switch today"