Fiat showed the all-new 500 Electric (or 500e) for the first time in March this year. Days before the world was hit by massive lockdowns, the Italian company previewed the future of the storied nameplate revealing the first member of the overhauled 500 family. Today, more than seven months later, the automaker is unveiling a new addition to the lineup. Meet the 500 Electric 3+1.

Fiat says this new and more practical version of the electric city car has been designed for people who have families and many different tasks to cover on a daily basis. It is being described as “all-new, all-electric, and with an extra door” but “always 500.” It’s basically the same car you saw in March this year but with an added small door on the passenger side. Yes, there’s no door on the driver’s side.

Gallery: Fiat 500 elettrica 3+1

The good news is the manoeuvrability of the 500 hasn’t been compromised as the 3+1 one version has the exact same dimensions as the standard 500e. Interestingly, there’s also no difference between the size and shape of the passenger door between the 500e 3+1 and the 500e. The trick here is that what is a solid quarter panel on the standard car transforms into a small door that has hinges at the back. 

Fiat notes that the new door doesn’t impact the handling and energy consumption of the car despite the fact that it adds 30 kilograms (66 pounds) to the overall weight. It’s also worth pointing out that the small rear door can be opened only when the passenger door is opened as a safety measure.

Sales of the new 500 Electric 3+1 will begin with a special La Prima launch series, which has rich standard equipment, including adaptive cruise control, full-LED headlights, traffic sign recognition system, 360-degree parking sensors, parking camera, and more. Fiat is also launching three different trim levels for the regular 500 - Action, Passion, and Icon, offering a different mix between a battery pack, electric motor, equipment, and customisation options.