While Koenigsegg is a relatively new automaker, the Swedish company has already revolutionised the hypercar industry. As such, Supercar Blondie takes us through Koenigsegg’s latest creation, the Gemera.

The name might sound like any other clever callsign for a hypercar, but there’s more than meets the eye. Gemera is a combination of the two Swedish words Ge (give) and mera (more) which couldn’t be a better description of the vehicle. Christian Von Koenigsegg wanted to produce a hypercar without taking away the features and functions that you’d expect on any normal automobile. 

Gallery: Koenigsegg Gemera on track

Referred to as a mega car, the new class creates a vehicle with hypercar performance that passengers will actually want to sit in. While it’s a comfortable place to be, you’re probably wondering why Koenigsegg hasn’t gone full electric this time. The short and sweet answer would be the weight penalty, but we were curious how the engineering department managed to squeeze 600 bhp (447 kilowatts) from the Gemera’s twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre three-cylinder internal combustion engine – aided by a 500 bhp (372 kW) electric motor on each axle.

Its three-cylinder engine can produce such a mind-blowing amount of power thanks to Koenigsegg’s revolutionary free-valve technology. Long story short, the system does away with the cam-shaft and allows valves to open or close at any interval the ECU chooses, promoting optimal power and fuel economy; paired with two turbochargers this engine is one of the most potent three-pot units in the world.

Keeping with its ethos of providing more of everything, the interior has four-seats and ample room inside for occupants of any size. It’s also important to note that while this car does have space for four, it only has two doors; along with looking tremendous, the massive portals allow back-seat travellers to enter and exit without any acrobatics.

Unlike many of Koenigsegg’s previous vehicles, the Swedish automaker will produce 300 Gemeras – its biggest production number to date. However, even with more units, the mega car will still set you back $1.7 million (approx. £1.3 million). We’d wager the price tag won’t be contested though, because if Supercar Blondie’s video is anything to go by, it’s tough to put a price on such a capable machine.