Ahead of the October clock change, motorists and pedestrians are being urged to take more care as the darker evenings set in.

Recent analysis of government statistics by DrivingExperience.com found that 1,611 reported road casualties were caused by poor visibility in darker conditions last year. Other contributory factors included dazzling headlights and pedestrians wearing dark clothing.

"Year on year, there has been a significant number of incidents where driver visibility has resulted in a large number of accidents," said Alex MacGregor from DrivingExperience.com. "All road users and pedestrians need to take extra care at this time of year, taking into consideration the change of circumstance as the clocks go back."

The government data also showed that in the last five years, more than 1,600 accidents were caused by people not turning on their lights at night time or in poor conditions, while almost 1,500 reported incidents were caused by people being dazzled by headlights.

Over the same period, more than 5,700 reported incidents were caused by a rider or pedestrian wearing dark clothing.

"As the darker months approach, just a few simple steps can make it safer for motorists and pedestrians," MacGregor added. "For drivers this includes keeping windscreens clear to reduce glare and condensation, while also remembering to dip the headlights when another vehicle is approaching.

"Meanwhile, pedestrians should consider bright clothing or reflective clothing, including arm and ankle bands or hi-vis jackets."