After watching this phenomenal video footage of the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4², we were basically speechless, not to mention a bit dizzy. If you don't like high places or you tend to get motion sickness from videos, be warned. Regardless, be ready to be wowed in a big way.

We recently shared with you the one-off, highly modified Mercedes EQC (four-by-four squared). To say this thing is otherworldly is a major understatement, and while it's a crazy one-off project, it just works to show the huge potential of electrification. 

French freelance filmmaker Benjamin Ortega treats us with unmatched video footage of the Mercedes EQC 4×4². It's an incredible treat for the eyes. We get to watch as it easily climbs the highest legal road in Europe. It starts out on relatively flat but winding dirt and gravel roads, and heads high up to where the snow is falling, the trails are narrow, the cliffs are sheer, and the grade is steep.

What do they choose to follow the EQC for this epic climb? The legendary G-Class, of course, which is the only way you can actually get a Mercedes a 4×4², at least for now. Ortega joins a Mercedes chief engineer inside the EQC 4×4² as they tackle the terrain and talk about the vehicle. 

While we're beyond impressed with the electric vehicle's performance, we really can't say enough here about the landscape, the photography, the editing work, and the first-person POV footage. The video speaks volumes more than any words here can prove.