A Tesla Model Y driver from Florida was recently negatively surprised when he returned to the car and saw it in the middle of a puddle. Not just any puddle though. This one was huge like a sea.

An hour of rain caused the trouble, but if you have a Tesla, worry no more. The Tesla Smart Summon feature allowed the owner to simply summon the car from the water and board with dry feet.

The Smart Summon feature is much more powerful than the ordinary Summon, which only drives forward or backward. This can really drive on its own, although at low speed and with its own set of limitations and ills.

Anyway, it worked perfectly according to the video, and it might be the best use case for the feature we have seen so far. Convenient and useful.

Tesla Model Y - Smart Summon (source: loghi007)
Tesla Model Y - Smart Summon (source: loghi007)

It's expected that gradually Tesla will improve the autonomous driving capabilities so the Smart Summon feature will match human drivers and will really become a handy tool also in other use cases, even in busy car parks.

When will we see more capable autonomous driving from Tesla? Well, it's not clear when, as over the years we heard multiple times that it's just around the corner. In other words, stay tuned for news.