With snow already hitting parts of Europe and North America, it’s time to talk about tyres. We do that every year but we know it’s important. Many people still ask us questions like “are winter tyres mandatory?” or “do I really need winter tyres if I have an AWD car?” Oh, and this one is our favourite: “are all-season tyres good enough when it snows?” Well, it’s time for some answers.

Tyre Reviews from the UK, one of YouTube’s leading channels for tyre reviews, has a new episode that compares a set of all-season tyres with a set of winter tyres. More precisely, the tyres used are General Grabber Arctic and General Grabber HTS60 - two of the latest and most popular General tyres on the market. The test vehicle is a Volkswagen Amarok truck with selectable RWD/AWD modes.

It may come as a surprise but if you have an all-wheel-drive car with four all-season tyres, you’ll accelerate faster in the snow than an RWD car with winter tyres. However, acceleration is definitely not the most important aspect in winter driving - braking and turning are what matter.

And that’s where the winter tyres make all the difference. To put it simply, you can be quicker off the line with the all-season tyres but when it’s time to brake and take a corner, the winter tyres are the better option. 

Assuming you’ve read the above, you are probably wondering about what the test from the video shows in numbers. We won’t spoil it for you but will just say it’s one of the most informative and entertaining tyre comparison videos we’ve seen lately. One thing worth noting is that the results could probably have been different with a front-wheel-drive car.