Inkas isn't exactly the first company you'll turn to if you want to increase the luxury amenities of your vehicle. The Canadian firm, which specialises in armoured vehicles and aftermarket security, has been known to make cocoon on wheels, upgrading luxury vehicles to provide security to its owner and passengers.

However, Inkas latest product isn't a grenade-proof SUV that we usually encounter from the company – well, at least that isn't the main point. Meet the Inkas VIP Mobile Office, based on a 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Gallery: Inkas VIP Mobile Office Mercedes Sprinter

Utilising the Sprinter cavernous space, Inkas turns the German commercial vehicle into a luxurious mobile office that's equipped with luxurious appointments. The five-person cabin features an L-shaped desk and four adjustable captain's seats. Two 45-inch smart TVs are found in the cabin, complete with wireless connectivity and a bevy of ports, creating a perfect environment for business meetings. There's also a built-in intercom for quick communication between the driver and the passengers inside the cabin.

Apart from technology, the materials used are also curated by Inkas to provide the utmost splendour. The seats are upholstered with the finest leather, while footrests, massage functionality, spacious overhead storage compartments, refrigeration units, and an upgraded entertainment system are all available for usage. The cabin layout is completely customisable, according to Inkas.

While the base configuration for the Inkas VIP Mobile Office's exterior is assumed to be untapped, the company still offers a bulletproof armouring package and a variety of robust security features to meet the client's needs. These features include optional CCTV, 360-degree surveillance cameras, command and control centre, filtration systems, signal jammer systems, and more.

Pricing isn't mentioned by Inkas in its press release but naturally, don't expect this kind of opulence to come at a cheap price tag.