Yet another Tesla owner takes to Twitter to thank Tesla and Elon Musk for saving her life. Again, while we have no way to know how this crash would have turned out if she wasn't driving a Tesla, the circumstances, the recipe for disaster, and the condition of the vehicles tell an amazing story. 

A Tesla Model 3 owner was travelling in Ohio USA at over 70 mph. A pickup truck, reportedly piloted by a drunk driver, was travelling over 70 mph in the opposite direction. In fact, it seems the drunk was going the wrong way when he hit the Model 3 head on.

As expected, the result was catastrophic. You can see from the images in the tweet that the Model 3 is a wreck, though it's still sitting upright on its wheels, the driver's side door is fully open, and the cabin appears to be in excellent shape despite the severity of the impact. The passenger side of the car looks worse, but it's hard to see it in the images.


Meanwhile, the pickup truck appears to be thoroughly mangled as it sits upside down on the road ahead. While the condition of the cars is an important part of the story, what's more important is the condition of the drivers.

The Model 3 driver, Jen Dunlap, sustained some minor injuries. The Model 3 passenger was still in the hospital under observation at the time of writing, but reportedly, "things are looking positive." The pickup truck driver was in good enough shape to be arrested and taken to jail. Apparently, this was his second DUI this year.


The speed of these two cars approaching one another head on becomes exponential, and there's no way it's not going to cause extreme damage to the vehicles. The impact was hard enough to flip the pickup truck, but fortunately, the Model 3, with its heavy battery pack and low centre of gravity remained "on its feet," so to speak.