Mercedes-Benz is preparing for a big reconstruction of its lineup. Recently, it has admitted that it may have too many compact cars and on the other side of the spectrum, it is killing two of its most expensive coupe and convertible models. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any powerful and beautiful two-door Mercs as the company is already working on the new SL.

Seen here in a fresh batch of spy photos, the open-top vehicle is most likely wearing all the production bits and pieces, including its taillights and headlights. They are still hidden underneath a camouflage foil but it doesn’t stop us from taking a look at the roadster’s overall shape and dimensions.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz SL new spy photos

In a recent interview, Daimler’s design boss, Gorden Wagener, explained the design of the overhauled SL will be heavily influenced by the original 300 SL. It’ll take “some of that DNA, starting with the proportions, the surface treatment,” but at this point, it’s really difficult to recognise any of these design characteristics under the disguise. We know for sure the model will switch from a hardtop to a fabric roof.

It’s interesting to note that this trial car has a quad exhaust layout at the back, probably hinting at potential AMG power under the bonnet. It is believed the new SL range will start with the SL 43 and will go all the way up to the SL 73e AMG 4Matic. The latter is supposed to be the absolute range-topper with electrified power coming from the AMG division in the form of a 4.0-litre V8 supported by an electric motor.

We don’t have an exact launch date for the new SL but, most likely, it’ll arrive at some point next year. Initially, the sales won’t include the AMG derivatives but we expect them to join the range by the end of 2021 or in early 2022.