Okay friends, this is your two-week checkup on the new 2021 BMW M3 and M4. Has the big double kidney grille grown on you yet? Before answering that question, peruse the above video recently posted on YouTube from BMW M and see if the high-speed tomfoolery sways your opinion.

It's a short video not quite a minute and a half long, and we suspect it will show up on television screens around the world in short formats because it certainly plays like a commercial. The action takes place at the Port of Koper in Slovenia, and it begins with a glowing green M4 Competition exiting a recently unloaded container. However, it's not the only M-badged Bimmer prowling the docks.

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A second set of headlights soon appears, belonging to an M3. With a quick J-turn from the four-door, suddenly the race around the docks is on. Quick camera work reveals a manual transmission in one of the cars – we learn later it's the M3 – while quicker cuts show drift ratings in the form of stars on BMW's infotainment screen. That's interesting, but perhaps the best part of the video hits at 45 seconds when both cars drift past a parked security car. The guard doesn't see the action, because he's browsing M performance parts on his phone. Well played, BMW.

So, which car wins? The first half of the action has the M4 leading the way, but after the security encounter, the M3 steps in front. On paper, the M4 Competition has a power advantage with 503 bhp compared to 473 bhp in the M3. The M4 also hustles to 60 mph a few tenths of a second quicker, but this is a BMW-produced video featuring cars sliding around docks on wet pavement. So of course, both cars win.

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Or, depending on how you feel about the big grille, perhaps we're the real winners since the action takes place at night.