Skoda has successfully trialled a new vehicle health diagnostic smartphone app that can listen out for any problems and give an instant diagnosis to technicians.

The impressive Skoda Sound Analyser was designed and developed by Skoda's in-house software developers and give technicians the ability to quickly detect how much work is needed to solve a problem. It can recognise even the smallest irregularity in the engine sound and can suggest a number of solutions.

The app compares live recorded noises with sounds it has stored in the system and uses an algorithm to compare both and determine what action is needed to resolve any issue.

Diagnose car health with Skoda sound analyser app

It's simple to use – a technician only needs to record the engine sound via a smartphone microphone and the app does all of the other tricky work. The software can already recognise ten patterns with more than 90 percent accuracy.

The app doesn't exclusively work with the engine either – it also works with components such as the steering system, the air conditioning compressor, and the clutches in the direct-shift gearbox (DSG), and it will be expanded to include other things in the future.

Diagnose car health with Skoda sound analyser app

It has already been trialled in 14 countries since June last year, including Germany, Russia, Austria, and France with 245 differnet Skoda dealerships being involved.

"Sound Analyser is a prime example of the new opportunities digitalisation at Skoda can create, even in terms of after sales," said Stanislav Pekař, head of after sales at Skoda. "We will continue to consistently use artificial intelligence technologies to offer our customers an even more personalised service, thus enhancing the customer experience even further."

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