It’s no mystery that the German Autobahn is one of the motoring wonders of the world. Even those who aren’t massive petrolheads will likely know what you’re talking about when you mention the ribbon of tarmac. Regardless, YouTuber Carpool Of Eren captured a crash caused by a critical issue of the infamous roadway; massive closing speeds between the fast and slow lanes.

It’s almost inevitable that having such a high number of cars packed together at very different speeds presents a unique set of challenges. Sure, traffic is a bit quieter than usual thanks to Covid-19 running amuck, but it’s clear that accidents can still happen.

From the start of the footage, it’s clear that the driver was just minding his own business in the fast lane, cruising to his destination before a Skoda Rapid Spaceback decided to change lanes alongside him. We don’t know the exact rules and regulations of the Autobahn so we can’t comment on who’s at fault, but it’s clear that a dashcam is paying big dividends here when it comes to filing an insurance claim.

Thanks to the driver’s catlike reflexes and car control, he was able to keep the vehicle in a straight line throughout the encounter – we’d wager that the stability control and anti-lock braking systems played a role as well. Unfortunately, the passenger side body panels did take a beating but it’s clear that the car isn’t a complete write-off and the driver is okay.

It begs the question if autonomous driving systems and other safety aids would have prevented such a crash. Humans are incredible creatures, but one thing is for certain. We will always be susceptible to mistakes.