That's despite a decrease in recent years.

Newly released figures show that nervous, uncertain or panicking drivers and riders were a key factor in 1,062 reported road accidents in last year. analysed the Department for Transport’s latest figures and found that despite the worryingly high number, it does represent a decrease on recent years. It also fell from 1,836 in 2015 to 1,278 in 2018.

The findings come after independent road safety charity IAM RoadSmart found out that that one-in-five drivers feel more anxious about driving since lockdown.

Driver gripping steering wheel tightly while driving in rain

"Driving on the open road can be a scary experience for some motorists, as reflected in these latest official figures, so additional training might be invaluable for some drivers," said Dan Jones, operations manager at

"Indeed, starting from a very young age, even just 10 years old, with a young driver training experience, can help boost confidence, while with winter fast approaching, a skid pan experience, can help those who get jittery driving in adverse weather conditions."

L plate (for learner driver under instruction)

On top of the discovery regarding anxious drivers, other findings showed that learner or inexperienced drivers or riders were a contributory factor in 2,872 reported accidents last year – another decrease in recent years.

"It will be interesting to see the figures for 2020 when they are released, to see if lockdown has had a negative effect on driver confidence, which seems to be the case, due to even less time spent behind-the-wheel, plus the fact that driving lessons and tests were heavily disrupted," Jones added.