Lucid Motors just announced that one of its Tri-Motor Lucid Air prototype, has set a new “personal best” time at the Laguna Seca Raceway, during chassis tuning and powertrain testing.

The new time of 1:31.3 lap time was set right "out-of-the-box", which means that the Air is pretty close to Tesla Model S Plaid's 1:30.3. The video is dated September 17, 2020.

Previous Lucid Air times were 1:33 earlier this year, and 1:41, set at the track in 2018 (by the dual-motor version we guess).

"So today in a video the team at Lucid Motors is once again showing its work in the ongoing development of the Lucid Air luxury EV, in this case equipped with a development version of the company’s tri-motor configuration. Right out of the box, the team achieved a lap time of 1:31.3 at California’s iconic Laguna Seca Raceway."

Lucid Air - Laguna Seca Performance Testing
Lucid Air - Laguna Seca Performance Testing

The Tri-Motor Lucid Air prototype used during a chassis testing session was the development car with slight changes, compared to the standard Air:

  • "riding on wider-than-stock wheels and tyres"
  • "nonetheless used street tyres and production brakes"

A cool thing is also that the car was driven by John Culliton, a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Lucid Motors, which means that a professional driver potentially could go even faster.

Gallery: Lucid Air - Laguna Seca Performance Testing

The company notes that the Speed Team is exploring the extraordinary potential of Lucid's EV technology and to stay tuned for even better results

"We will continue to “show our work” as the company does the important work of tuning the platform and vehicle systems heading into production for the Lucid Air, which starts in spring of 2021. Meanwhile, work on the tri-motor car will continue in parallel as a development project, and we look forward to sharing more of its achievements in the future."

For comparison, Elon Musk said that the Plaid Model S in its final version should be also a few seconds quicker.